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How can I contact the webmaster?
My email is

Can I add you to MSN Messenger?
The only people allowed to add me to MSN Messenger is the writers.

Can I use titles that you came up with?

Can I join the staff?
Check the staff pages on a regular basis to see if and when we are accepting applications.

The credits won't work!
We may have exceeded our monthly allotted bandwidth, or another unknown error. Please try again later, or ask the manager.

How can I submit my question?
Send it to the site's e-mail address.

How many episodes per season will there be?
22 episodes per season, like the real thing.

Why script format?
Script format is easier and faster to write in. That way, we hope to air our episodes with smaller, if any, delay.

Can we be listed here?
Yes, on the links page. Send e-mail to the site's address. Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel [virtual series] sites only.

Are the episodes available in a language other than English?
No, sorry.

When will the episodes finally air?!
Please be patient. The writers, including myself, have been busy. Check the calendar on the forum for air dates and updates.

What song is used in the credits?
The Angel Main Title Theme by Darling Violetta remixed with the official remix off the Angel soundtrack.

Why did you remix the theme song?
Since we have a large number of characters, we needed more time/music than the original theme provided me.

Where can I find a Buffy virtual series?
Google it. Or you could visit our links page.

I want a Buffy character to return!
We do have plans for this. Nothing is set in stone, but I plan on bringing Oz, Willow, Andrew, and possibly Giles and Buffy.

I see your material on another site!
Please report the exact URL of where the copied material is located. Also please tell us what the possible offender has copied. E-mail

What are these episodes rated?
As far as I'm concerned, PG-13/TV-14 for, but not limited to, descriptive violence and strong language. If you are below 13, or simply cannot handle the language, content, or references used, it is advised you do not read.

Awesome banner! How did you make it? Can you make me one?
Thanks and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and no, I will not make one for you. Sorry.

Will there be music within the episodes?
Very possibly. They will only be hosted for 1-2 weeks on the site after the designated episode has aired, though.

Where is the virtual series set?
Los Angeles, where every other season of Angel has primarily aired.

Who are the series regular, recurring, and guest characters?
Regular characters are listed here with a biography. Recurring characters may be listed on the same page. Guest stars will be listed at the top of the episode's Act 1 page.

Does the manager have other sites?
Yes, I do. Feel free to check out my MSN Groups: [Ensouled]  [Ensouled Awards]

What font(s) is/are used on this site?
Georgia (size 2).

Are these questions even frequently asked, or at all?
Well, not in the strictest sense. It's pretty much just here for information. Easier to understand than just listing the info.